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Service with a smile

We share the same goal as you (CLOSE!).

We want to remove any obstacles in the least painful manner possible while making sure you are protected.

Multi Dimensional
Our background helps us understand your potential pain points. No matter your role in the transaction we work to resolve them before you have to deal with them.
All Star Team
From our internal team to our underwriters we have the skills needed to close the deal while offering the protection you need.
Modern Technology
Leverage technology to make this process seamless and smooth!



The attention to detail while understanding the scope of project,  risk mitigation needed and being able to provide timely service and always be responsive is something that is unparalleled in the industry.

  • Title Searches
  • Owners Policies
  • Any Questions Answered

When buying a home there are always questions that need to be answered. We treat home owners the way they deserve. Home purchase can be a arduous process and we aim to make one part a bit easier. We will patiently walk you through the full process, answer any questions and help you to understand closing costs, title insurance and anything else you can think of asking.

  • Purchase
  • Refinance
  • Do I need title insurance
  • What are my closing costs

We know and understand the nuances of selling new construction development or converted properties converted to condos. Trust the people with the experience to simplify the process.

Objectively innovate to protect and close
Order title with the confidence that you will be cared for by competent professionals who know how to get the job done with surgical efficiency


When a deal or transaction take a turn we know how to pivot and we do it quickly.
We take pride in our availability and responsiveness.
We are pleasant to deal with. Just call and see for yourselves.

We understand that things don’t always go as expected. We are agile and do not turn like a cargo ship in the ocean but like a racing jet ski in the bay. We do this in the most pleasant manner possible because we like to think of ourselves as your partner. Your success is our success.

We like taking care of things quickly.  We believe quick response times is vital to getting things done and done correctly the first time. Which is why we strive to get back to our clients right away.

“If it can be done tomorrow lets do it today”. ~ Dini Cohn

team members

Dini Cohn

Carol Covolus
Senior Reader NJ

Rayla Salomon
Senior Reader NY

Yisroel Back


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